Working Together Can Create Wonders

intro-content-featuredAt Tega, we don’t just tell clients we will partner them. We walk the talk and do it in practice.For 40 years at TEGA, we have lived by this philosophy – “To work together with our clients”, in an effort to enhance productivity with innovative and effective solutions. Our collaborative approach has earned us the trust of more than 700 clients in the mineral processing and materials handling industry, across the globe. Clients consider us to be true partners, invested in a shared destiny.

Since the beginning, our belief in working together has distinguished us from competition. The endeavor has been to understand our customer’s business & deliver comprehensive solutions that enhance performance and minimise downtime. And it has earned us the trust of more than 700 clients across the world.

At Tega, our collaborative approach is a simple 4-step process that creates value for our customers: auditing the process, analyzing the data, customising the solution and delivering it on time with the help of our engineering capabilities.


Adding Edge to Partnerships

4Engineering Expertise

At Tega, some of the best manpower from top technical schools use the latest engineering tools, including customised software, to find innovative solutions to customer needs. They are highly proficient in simulating and analysing real time problems. Our highly trained engineers visit customer sites frequently to find solutions to the issues confronting customers.

Leading Edge R&D

We are committed to ongoing investment in Research and Development as a way to enhance quality & performance of our existing products, while bringing innovative, high value products to market. Our extensive research activities, advanced R&D centres and culture of innovation keep us at the forefront of this industry and keep our customers ahead.

1Superior Quality Control

At Tega, nothing reaches the customer without extensive field-testing of products. We follow an uncompromising stringent quality control process to ensure error-free performance.

A Total Solution Approach

Trust: You can rely on us.
Obsessed: We are engrossed in our work.
Trained & Tailor Made: We have all the skills to meet your requirements.
Accountable: We answer to you.
Local: We are present wherever you are.

3Knowledge, People & Expertise

Our multinational employee base, cutting-edge technical expertise and 40 years of experience combine to create value for our customers.

Proactive Over Reactive

Our long-term collaborative approach, that goes beyond mere transaction, enables us to create innovative solutions & services for our customers.

Unmatched Services

Tega has earned a reputation of quick response time. Our total solution approach goes beyond just installing the product as we continue to improvise to increase efficiency. Our team of on-site experts constantly checks and analyses the product for performance and helps the client reduce unplanned downtimes. With this approach we aim to create complete peace of mind for customers.

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