Conveyor Components

Ceramic Pulley Lagging

CC-1Lagging of the conveyor pulley is essential to improve conveyor belt performance. The use of lagging reduces belt slippage, improves tracking and extends life of belt, bearing & other components.

Tega Ceramic Pulley Lagging is especially suited for pulleys where slippage and excessive wear & tear problems which make normal rubber lagging ineffective. Tega ceramic pulley lagging widely used on the drive pulleys, can also be used on snub, bend and tail pulleys. This innovative new product incorporates square ceramic tiles with unique circular nubs which help in proper grip of the belt under wet, muddy or any such arduous conditions.

CN Bonding System: This has extra layer of specially developed rubber at the bottom of ceramic pulley lagging ensuring higher bonding strength with rubber to metal surface of the pulley.


CC-2Tega innovated the SPILL-EX skirt sealing system, is simple yet effective in making conveyor loading stations completely spillage free. Skirt sealing is generally provided on both side of skirt board; however, for conveyors inclined upward or for those handling fines, the sealing of the rear of the belt is necessary. Rear skirt sealing is provided with a fixed length backing plate i.e. based on belt width. The height of the rubber blocks are increased by 100 mm than the standard size of side skirt sealing to compensate for trough height.



Friflo Impact Bars/ Assemblies

CC-3The Tega Friflo Impact Pad is a fusion of three different layers. The top layer is made of UHMWPE – for smooth gliding of the conveyer belt. The middle layer is of rubber – to cushion the impact load, while the lower layer is for fastening impact pads on the support frame, which is usually made of aluminium.

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