Screen Panels

Rubber Panels


Tega panel cord is the trade name for self-supporting screening elements for coarse and medium screening applications. The Tega panel cord is manufactured from steel reinforced specialized wear resistant rubber using a high pressure moulding that moulds rubber with steel. The steel is completely encapsulated. This unique design fully exploits the properties of both rubber and steel. Due to its elastic and wear resistant properties , the rubber absorbs the impact and resists abrasion and tearing , while the steel provides the mechanical strength that reinforces the self-supporting design of the panel.

The ability of rubber to reduce wear and maintenance is well known. In comparison with conventional screens of steel construction, rubber screen panel often lasts 6-10 times or even more depending on the type of screening being carried out. Visual comparison of Tega panel and any other panel reveals several significant advatages to Tega’s approach.

Rubber Rider bar Panel Cord: Tega panel cord is proved with rubber bars. These rider bars increase the life of the deck and also help in stratification thereby increasing the screening efficiency.

PM Rider Bar Panel Cord: Tega has introduced a new patented design (Patent no. 203/KOl/2006) of the panels and makes the screening process more effective and efficient. These panels, apart from improved stratification also provide enhanced life because of the highly wear resistant PM material.

PU Panels


The panels are either one single unit across the width or held down by middle fixing bars of rubber/polyrethane with counter bore hole at the center, and at the edges, side fixing bars of rubber/polyuthane hold the panel down. The middle fixing bars are internally reinforced with steel to take the clamping forces.

Flip FLO Panels


In the applications of the highly sticky ores, Tega provides flip flo panels. These rubber panels have good strength with high flexibility and hence give better life with improved screening efficiency. Application: – In all screening applications where there is blinding and pegging problem.


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