Trommel Screens

Red-Trommel-FINALTega offers a wide range of Trommel screens for heavy duty and light applications along with structure, rubber or polyurethane screen panels, spirals, connecting pieces and end flanges. All the Trommels are custom designed optimizing the sizes, capacity , and wear life. The structural parts, type , reinforcement are designed and manufactured on the basis of application. The structural design is crosschecked and optimised with Finite Element Analysis. All the structural parts are covered with rubber coating to resist corrosion. The Trommel screen panels may be of rubber or polyurethane based on the application and consists of totally embedded mild steel reinforcement to take care of load as well as to maintain curvature of the panels.

The Tega Trommel structures are analysed under specified loading condition using Finite Element Analysis method. the FEA analysis under the specified structure and assures a more rigid and stable structure for the actual operating condition.

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