Wear Lining Components

Metal Back Rubber Liners

Pic-11Rubber as a lining material has proved to be very useful in material handling applications due to its inherent dampening properties. The dampening effect of a rubber liner depends on angle of impact

Tega wear resistant rubber liners are manufactured from special rubber compound by high pressure moduling which imparts abrasion , impact & corrosion reistant properties to these liners. These liners plates are available in solid type (SB-S) & reinforced type at hole position (SB-R). The wear pattern of these elements can be predicted fairly accurately which enables proper maintenance planning & hence reduces the overall costs.

Polyurethane Liners

Pic-31Polyurethane elastomers are a synthesis of polyoles& isocyanides chain extended or cross linked into gaint molecular complexes. The material has combined properties of rubber as well as plastic.

Polyurethane wear plates are normally steel backed plates where steel is bonded with polyurethane available in customized sizes. The backing steel prevents fines to penetrate beneath & hence bulging of the liner which may cause its dislodging. They are harder materials compared to Rubber but softer than plastics and provided on excellent degree of abrasion resistance.

Apart from Steel Backing Polyurethane Liners, PU-PM wear plates comprises of Special Steel Inserted ribs bonded within Polyurethane , which enhances the impact resistance of Polyurethane.

Elastocer Liners

Pic-4Elastocer is new-generation composite product with a highly wear resistant surface of cylindrical alumina ceramic rods bound within a resilient rubber matrix. The extremely hard ceramic elements provide unsurpassed resistance to wear, while the elastic properties of the rubber effectively dampen the impact forces. These plates
are necessarily steel backed. Used in heavy wear areas characterized by both impact & abrasion with small angle of impact where cost to life ratio is more important than low initial cost.

Elastocer liner is conventionally fixed to the mother plate by stud welded at the back of the wear plate by nuts & flat washers. Also, alternative fixing by bolts, flat washers and nuts cab be done on specified requirement.

Ceraflex Liners

Pic-5This is a variation of ceramic rubber liner with 100% ceramic exposed area. The hexagonal ceramic tiles provided smooth surface to flow and abrasion resistance for sized materials, whereas rubber provides impact resistance from light loads. It is fixed by means of stud, welded to the steel backing surface just like Elastocer liner.

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